There are four (4) steps required to become a Softball Canada umpire. If you have any questions about any of these steps, please contact us.

1) Book an online theory course. All original theory clinics are now completed. However, the ASUA has added a new

Junior theory clinic has been added for the evening of Friday April 29. Sign up using this link:

2) Register with Zone 5 using RAMP interactive.

Zone 5 Umpire Branch : RAMP Registrations

3) Come to one of our Battle River Umpires Mechanics Clinics (Apr 30 or May 1). There you will receive a clinic on proper Softball Canada signals and other mechanics (includes a rule book). A fee will be charged: E-transfer is preferable, however a cheque is also acceptable.

Level 1 = $90

Level 2 = $110

Level 3 = $120

Level 4 = $130

Level 5 = $140

E-transfer registration fee to our treasurer at:

4) Write the Softball Canada open book exam online.